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Entertainment site Youtebem.com operates in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of content and copyright.

All material presented on the site is freely available for viewing and downloading on the Internet. Collection of available publications and their placement is carried out by users of the resource. Administration of the site in this case can not oversee the added content.

The creators and administrators of this site are not responsible for the use and placement of information and links provided on this site.

The site administration also does not carry out activities related to the publication of unlicensed content illegally stolen and protected by copyright holders. The site contains only freely available materials from open sources.

We are open for cooperation with copyright holders.

If your exclusive rights to copyright objects are violated in any way using our resource, we are always ready to cooperate with you to remove relevant materials from the site.

To confirm your rights, please write us a letter in which to indicate:

»Documentary evidence of your rights to copyrighted material.
»Direct links to website pages that contain data published in violation of copyright.

In turn, we are in 24 hours remove copyrighted content from the site. Or, at your own request, we will replace the material with a suitable player from a legal online cinema or YouTube channel, Rutube and other video hosting sites you specified.


For copyright issues, please contact us at Email: moderator - sibnso@yandex.ru or administrator administrator@youtebem.com

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