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Watch the series “Beautiful creations” (2018) online for free all 1-4 series in a row movie in good quality HD 720 on the entertainment website Youtebem.com

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About the plot of the mini-series "Beautiful creatures" 2018 | Melodrama | Russia

ВThe patron Agatov is a representative of law enforcement agencies from the provinces, who is very hard and domineering in nature. For a long period of time, he mocked others in every way. But the wife and daughter had to endure cruelty, since there was nowhere to go. Girls are accustomed to a comfortable life, bestowed by a tyrant and a tyrant.

Смотреть сериал «Прекрасные создания» (2018) онлайн бесплатно все серии 1-4 подряд фильм в хорошем качестве HD 720 на развлекательном сайте Youtebem.com

Soon it turns out that Victor is not only the rapist of his family, but also an accomplished fraudster. He faces arrest, and for this reason he decided not to hesitate and rewrote the property on himself, and thanks to the deceptive scheme, he disappeared from the radar, leaving his household with no means of subsistence. Ksyusha - a university graduate and her mother Anna were on the street, deprived of their status and support.

The entire provincial town learned about the plight of the female half of the Agatov family, no one expressed a desire to help in this situation, including those who were among close friends. Ksenia does not lose heart and tries to incite her mother to a positive attitude, arguing that she has a plan according to which their difficulties will be solved at once. Beautiful creatures need to move to the capital, find wealthy gentlemen, and then return to their usual way of life. However, in Moscow, naive young ladies will face a tremendous disappointment derived from the harsh reality.

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Country: Russia
Director: Maxim Subbotin
Scenario: Andrei Taratukhin, Daria Karpova
Producer: Alexander Kushaev, Andrei Kretov, Anastasia Kavunovskaya
Operator: Anton Subbotin
Production: Kaleidoscope Film LLC, Griffin LLC
Genre: melodrama
Cast: Yulia Podozerova, Vladislav Shklyaev, Anastasia Akatova, Neil Kropalov, Dmitry Mulyar, Ekaterina Malakhit, Alyona Kozyreva, Victor Ryabov, Alexey Kotovshchikov, Ivan Latushko, Natalya Tretyakova, Vladimir Verevochkin, Maxim Bityukov, Anna Gallyamova, Sergey Kirichenko

Смотреть сериал «Прекрасные создания» (2018) онлайн бесплатно все серии 1-4 подряд фильм в хорошем качестве HD 720 на развлекательном сайте Youtebem.com

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