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Before I fall asleep movie (2014) watch online free thriller

Smotret film prezhde chem ya usnu 2014 online youtebem.com

About the plot of the film "Before I fall asleep / Before I Go to Sleep" 2014 online | Thriller | USA

Дfor the main character Christina Lucas (Nicole Kidman) in this full mystery the movie “Before I fall asleep online”  everything is very difficult. It turns out that already during the last twenty years, she has to deal with one very significant problem every day. It lies in the fact that she has memory problems. Waking up every morning, a woman has to recover all her thoughts bit by bit and try to get to know herself again.

It is natural to do the whole difficult and difficult, but the main character is simply forced. She has no choice and has to believe that in the future she will be able to somehow cope in this difficult situation. Christina is ready to continue in the same spirit, because the main thing is that everything goes according to plan. She already has her own system and therefore she can do everything so that in a short period of time she will know all the information she needs.

For twenty years she did that, but then one day her life would drastically change. She could not even imagine that everything would turn out this way, but now she will have to get used to understanding that it will be even more difficult. What happened to the main character thriller “Before I fall asleep” and what obstacles will she have to overcome? This remains a mystery, but she believes in a better outcome and a better future!



 Film with Nicole Kidman “Before I Go to Sleep” Before you go to sleep, watch online psychological thriller 2018


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A country: USA
Director: Rowan Joffe
Writer: Rowan Joffe
Operator: Ben Davis
Composer: Ed Schirmer
Artist: Cave Quinn
Producers: Mark Gill, Avi Lerner, Lisa Marshall, Ridley Scott, Cristina Dubin, Carlo Dusi, Trevor Short, Matthew O'Toole

Actors: Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman, Mark Strong, Dean-Charles Chapman, Adam Levy, Anna Maria Duff, Luella Gideon
Production: Film i Väst, Filmgate Movie , Millennium Films
Premiere: September 4 2014 (World), October 9 2014 (Russia)
Genre: thriller



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