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Invite to the wedding show (2019) all issues in a row to watch online Russia 1

Smotret show pliglasite na svadbu 2019 online youtebem.com

Пригласите на свадьбу с Федункив (2019) все выпуски подряд смотреть онлайн канал Россия 1

About the plot of the entertaining TV show "Invite to a Wedding" 2019 / Channel Russia 1 /

Зto the receiver in this sparkling show "Invite to a wedding" 2019 online with a wonderful host Marina Fedunkiv the opportunity is given to enjoy how couples in love will be carefully prepared for the wedding. Each of these couples loves each other and therefore they naturally want to do everything possible to enjoy such an unusual atmosphere. They are ready for the decisive step, but on such an important day for them everything will have to go as well as possible.

We'll have to apply just a huge amount of effort and effort, because only in this way can we achieve a real victory. They are ready to cook and share all their ideas with family and friends. Those will have to appreciate their careful approach to this whole situation, and one has to hope that they will cope perfectly in this whole pre-wedding confusion.

Outside views will definitely not be superfluous, but in this matter they will also need help. Naturally, they are all ready to enjoy such an unprecedented atmosphere and try to do everything possible to eventually make a grand event for sure. What all this will lead to is not yet clear, because the development is only at the initial stage. But right at the very end, they will definitely be able to reach all the necessary heights that they so urgently need. What will be the final?

Television show “Invite to a wedding” 2019 watch all episodes in a row online in HD 720-1080 quality


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    • Genres: Show, Musical
    • Year of creation: 2019
    • Release date in RF: 26 January 2019
    • Country: Russia
    • TV channel: Россия 1
    • Duration: 115 min.
    • Invite the jury to the wedding

Official instagram by Marina Fedunkiv / Comedy Woman

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The official instagram singer and actor Philip Kirkorov (Filipp Kirkorov) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Anna Semenovich (Anna Semenovich) / Photo - Video

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Images from the TV program “Invite to the wedding”1 season 2019 | Photos of participants



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