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Ghosts of the Past movie (2019) TV-3 watch online free thriller

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About the plot of the series "Ghosts of the Past" 2019 Online / 2 Series / Detective / Thriller / Drama / Channel TV-3 / Russia |

углавный герой of the movie "Ghosts of the past on TV 3" 2019 online Alexey Ivanov works as a doctor in the crew of the Moscow Rescue Service. When the next call arrives, the man has a nervous breakdown. Ivanova's mistress works here, she is a staff psychologist, and she believes that the cause of this behavior was an old psychological trauma, which the man prefers not to talk about.

Their frank conversation leads to parting, and Ivanova is suspended from work. He begins to collect his things in order to move out of the apartment of his former lover. Suddenly, he comes to the news that someone dropped a monument at the grave of his parents. Ivanov decides to restore the tombstone and quickly goes to his hometown, with which he does not have very good memories. The man started a relationship with a new neighbor, but many say she is a witch.

Suddenly, Ivanov becomes a suspect in a crime, to whom he has absolutely nothing to do, and he is banned from leaving the city. He is afraid that he will be "made" guilty and begins his own investigation. He understands that over the years an unknown person killed girls in the city and its surroundings, but he exhibited everything as if it were suicide.



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A country: Russia

Ghosts of the past 2019 tv 3 - Information about the series and release date:

Director: Vlad Nikolaev
Writers: Alexander Pronin, Sergey Stepanov
Actors: Maxim Saprykin, Yegor Beroev, Ksenia Teplova, Kristina Isaykina, Anatoly Gushchin, Ivan Kokorin

Premiere: 26 April 2019 (TV-3)
Genre: Detectivesdramasthriller

6 season playlist “Mystical Stories” | Enjoy your viewing!



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