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Russian mini-series “Just a novel” 2018 watch online free movie all series in a row 1 - 2 Russia

СMarina's Union (Natalia Antonova) and Ilya (Edward Trukhmenyov) It appears to friends and acquaintances around an ideal example of a relationship between a man and a woman. Some choke on dirty envy, others admire and do not give up trying to unravel the "recipe" of their strong relationship.

Смотреть русский сериал «Просто роман» (2018) онлайн бесплатно все серии 1-2 подряд мелодрама в хорошем качестве HD 720 на развлекательном сайте Youtebem.com
Smotret serial prosto roman 2018 Youtebem.com

The truth is that the couple is not officially registered, because they are limited to a simple novel without obligations to the partner in full freedom. Despite the shocking fact of their biography, living together resembles the basic principles of living together, but without a mark in the passport. This option suits both parties, therefore, there were no reasons for a rift in the near future.

Freedom and the absence of children are the main criteria for evaluating a comfortable life with a girl according to Ilya. At any time, each roommate is free to do as he pleases. On the part of Marina, everything is quite simple - she does not start talking about marriage. Heroine the film “Just a novel” 2018 simply fears that the conversation will be perceived ambiguously by the partner, and therefore he may leave her life. However, the girl has a big secret, which she tries to carefully hide from the second half.


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Director: Boris Rabey
Scenario: Ganna Slutsky
Producer: Alexander Kushaev, Irina Smirnova
Operator: Alexander Gorulev
Composer: Dmitry Moss
Genre: Romance
Cast: Natalia Antonova, Eduard Trukhmenyov, Roman Evdokimov, Yana Paletskaya, Tatyana Maximova, Arthur Waha, Maria Pogrebnichko, Tatyana Zhuravleva, Yan Komarova, Roman Ladnev, Marina Kondratieva

The trailer for the series “Just a novel” 2018


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