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Psychology of Love series (2019) watch online melodrama

Smotret film psikhologiya lubvi 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Психология любви 2019 онлайн мелодрама на канале домашний Россия

About the plot of the series “Psychology of love” 2019 Melodrama | Russia | Channel Home

ВHerik Livanova tried to achieve success all her life. Now the heroine melodramatic series “Psychology of love” 2019 online, known in her city, a business woman who runs her restaurant. All problems in business and personal life a woman solves herself. Willpower and courage she did not hold. Veronica has a daughter Katya. With a husband and father of his daughter, Vsevolod, the businessman was long divorced. But soon she met another man and entered into a new marriage. The chosen one of Niki is a beautiful and courteous man who serves her as a reliable rear in her life.

The couple lives in a large country house. But in the pursuit of happiness and security in the life of Livanova, she devoted little time to her daughter. The girl often stayed with her grandmother, and eventually grew up raised by her. When she reached heights, Veronika looked back, she realized that Katya had long since become a stranger to her, and her own grandmother was closer to the girl than a distant mother in urgent problems. But there are issues that the grandmother is not able to solve, especially as Kate entered adolescence, and came typical difficulties for a girl at that age.

Nika is in a hurry to return the former trusting relationship with her daughter, but she is in no hurry to open her heart to her mother. And then the elect betrays Nick, she catches him for treason. Trying to solve all his problems and regain composure, Livanova turns to psychologist Alexandra for help. A graduate in a hurry to convey to the tough business lady truism: you need to be able to forgive and accept the weaknesses of loved ones.

Russian film “Psychology of Love”2019 watch online all 1-4 series in a row

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A country: Russia

Director: Natalia Uglitsky
Actors: Svetlana Antonova, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Lyubov Bakhankova, Rodion Vyushkin, Evgenia Kaverau

Production: Profit
Premiere: 16 April 2019 (Home)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama, love films


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