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Psychologists 2 Season TV series (2019) watch all series in a row online for free


Смотреть фильм Психологини 2 новый сезон все серии в отличном качестве hd 720-1080

About the plot of the series "Psychologists 2 Season" 2019 online / Comedy / Melodrama / Channel STS

ДAnna art the series “Psychologists 2 new season” 2019 online on STS in the comedy genre, it tells the story of three once-good friends. Initially, even during their studies at the institute as psychologists, all three of them were practically inseparable. But this era has passed, And it is necessary to move on. So they parted for as many as ten years.

But fate brought them together again. Having gathered, they began to talk heart to heart. Who cares what problems, who is keen on what, how things are on the personal front, what about work and so on. It turns out that only one went to work in the specialty, and even that one is absolutely unhappy.

Salaries do not correspond at all to the amount of energy spent on it. The profession takes up all the time, which is why you can completely forget about personal life. The second became notorious, insecure, afraid of people and no man is needed.

And the third one. so, in general, he keeps his hubby almost in slavery, who for days on end at her demand disappears at work. So they began to get closer again, but it was not at all easy, because a lot of time passed. If you are wondering if the girlfriends of the 2 Psychologist comedy film can overcome all the obstacles, you need to watch this wonderful movie.

Trailer | Premiere 26 August 2019 

Watch the series “Psychologists 1 and 2 season” 2019 all 1-21 series in a row for free in good quality hd 720-1080

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Psychologists 2 new season - Release date and information about the show: 

A country: Russia

Director: Roman Fokin
Screenwriter: Andrey Mukhortov, Dmitry Zverkov, Konstantin Mankovsky
Operator: Alexey Malinkovich
Producers: Dmitry Zverkov, Natalia Klibanova, Konstantin Mankovsky, Andrey Mukhortov, Dmitry Tabarchuk

Actors: Anna Starshenbaum, Anastasia Panina, Sofia Kashtanova, Kirill Kyaro, Egor Koreshkov, Roman Mayakin, Matvey Zubalevich, Alexander Konstantinov

Production: Black Box Production in association with Art Pictures Vision
Premiere: 26 Augusta 2019
Series: 21
Genre: Drama, melodrama,  love filmscomedy





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The official instagram actress Anastasia Panina (Anastasia Panina) / Photo - Video

The official instagram actress Anna Starshenbaum (Anna Starshenbaum) / Photo - Video

The official instagram actress Sofya Kashtanova (Sofiya Kashtanova) / Photo - Video

Images from the series “Psychologists 2 season” 2019 channel STS | Photos of actors


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