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About the plot of the series "Desert" 2019 Action | Detective | Drama | Adventure | Russia | Channel NTV

ПFor many years, the tough commander and vicious terrorist Massoud dreamed of giving Russia an unpleasant surprise by attacking with medium-range cruise ballistic missiles. Hero of the Russian series "Desert" 2019 online Lieutenant Colonel Nikolay Krylov (Pavel Trubiner) I am sure that he will be able to cope with his former fellow student and close colleague in the school, and a great country will not know the whole nightmare comparable to the scale of September's 11.

Gradual preparation for an important plan brings the desired result to the terrorists. Now in the hands of criminals there is a missile system capable of flying from a long distance to the desired target. Masood is half way to make the cherished wish come true. The base of the offender is located on the territory of Saulein (a small country in Central Asia).

To increase the opportunity to hit a given goal, the bandits need allies. Without stopping to watch the series “Desert” all the series, you will realize that the criminal is determined, therefore in a short period of time he finds support from the local authorities. Also, several of his militants are sent to Petersburg, where the rocket will have to go.

Preparation for a serious terrorist attack is happening with full force and, if the perpetrator is not stopped, irreparable things can happen. Will the special service be able to stop the criminals in time and find a person who has decided to cause terrible grief to peaceful people?

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Desert on NTV - Information about the series:

A country: Russia

Director: Murad Aliyev
Screenwriters: Mikhail Barkan, Victor Budilov
Operator: Rostislav Hasselblat
Artist: Mikhail Gavrilov
Produced by: Viktor Budilov, Dmitry Soshnikov, Dmitry Kuzmin

Actors: Paul Trubiner Alexei Komashko, Beso Gata, Darya Egorova, Mikhail Eliseev, Oleg Chernov, Alan Doguzov Vadim Tsallati, Anatoly Petrov, Ali Muhammad, Seydulla Moldahanov Samvel Muzhikyan Alexei Mantsygin Timur Badalbeyli Faridunsho Rahmatulloev, Marina Denisova, Timur Vorokhov

Production: The company "Gamma Production" on the order of the channel NTV
Premiere: February 24 2019 (NTV)
Series: 4
Genre: Adventuredetectives online, drama, thriller about terrorists

Instagram | The official Instagram of actor Pavel Trubiner (Pavel Trubiner) / Photo - Video


Instagram | The official instagram of the actress Daria Egorova (Darya Egorova) / Photo - Video

Images from the series "Desert" 2019 Russia | Photos of actors



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