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About the plot of the series “Heaven knows everything!" 2019 Detective | Melodrama | Russia 1


love heroine detective series “Paradise knows 2” 2019 online is a rather active and energetic lady named Raya Poluychik (Anastasia Vedenskaya) in the second season, everything also leaves every incident without meticulous attention. She works as a hairdresser in a beauty salon. Heaven really wants to get married and, finally, give birth to babies.

However, a woman’s personal life does not add up, defeats one after another overtake the main character of a detective film. An intelligent district policeman named Vladimir Kostyukov (Sergey Gubanov), which recently arrived from the capital.

Despite the fact that the man resists, the main character nevertheless quickly takes him under her wing, helping him not only in everyday life, but also from working affairs. The advantage of this woman is that she has huge connections with local residents, because most of them come to her as clients. She is very clever, which makes it possible to quickly solve crimes.

She also has an apartment, which she inherited from her father, who also once worked as a district police officer, and Kostyukov was placed here. A man has nowhere to go with this ship! In addition, Paradise literally wedges in every investigation and brilliantly solves different puzzles. With her help, we managed to return the girl who had been kidnapped by the criminals, and to unravel many more cases.

Trailer | Premiere 22 July

Watch Russian film “Heaven knows everything!" (2019) free online all series in a row

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Heaven knows everything! / Heaven knows-2 2019 - Release date and movie info:

A country: Russia

Director: Ruslan Paushu
Actors: Anastasia Vedenskaya, Sergey Gubanov, Sergey Rudzevich, Violetta Davydovskaya, Lyubov Germanova, Elena Volkhonskaya, Irina Pulina, Elena Muravyova, Evgenia Shipova, Elena Polyakova, Valeria Yakovleva, Elena Dubrovskaya, Dmitry Kalistratov, Andrei Moskvichev, Roman Gredin, Sergey Safronov Anastasia Teplinskaya, Alexander Nikolsky, Julia Akimova, Sergey Markelov, Marina Kanivets, Anna Calabina and others.

Series: 50
Premiere: 22 July 2019 (Channel Russia 1)
Genre: Detectives, melodramas


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Images from the film “Heaven knows everything!” 2019 Russia | Photos of actors

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