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Paradise Corner (2019) watch online free detective Russia

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About the plot of the series "Paradise" 2019 / Detective / Melodrama / Russia

ВEra (Taisia ​​Vilkova) I learned from my girlfriend that there is a small village where very rich people live. There is something like a resort where you can come and have a rest without any problems. Naturally, this is simply incredible and one has to hope that there is everything in this place that is so necessary. But the main character detective series "Paradise" 2019 online going to go there just to work. She is confident that she will cope with her task and earn the amount she needs.

Her friend Olesya left for a long time there and now, unfortunately, from her there is no news yet. Vera understands that you need to go there and find out everything, because the money paid there is really good. But something will happen that she definitely did not expect. Arriving in this luxurious village, she learns that Lesya just disappeared. No one knows where she is and even it is strange that some people pretend that she has never been here before.

Faith is very scared and she does not intend to just not retreat. She is convinced that some trouble has happened to Lesya and most likely she needs help now. That is why she will try to do everything in order to find her friend and try to return everything to its place. But what will it really wait for and what weird things can happen here?

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Paradise - Movie Info:

A country: Russia

Director: Alexander Sozonov
Scriptwriter: Olga Larionova
Operator: Cyril Speransky
Composer: Igor Babaev
Artist: Maria Utrobina
Producers: Alexey Moiseev, Oleg Piganov, Julia Razumovskaya, Alexander Malinkovich, Alya Somkina
Casting Director: Evgenia Kadilova

Actors: Taisiya Vilkova, Alexander Zaryadin, Anton Vasilyev, Maxim Bityukov, Elena Valyushkina, Elena Osipova, Vadim Tsallati, Sergey Muravyov, Ekaterina Molokhovskaya, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Alexandra Nazarova, Alina Gvasalia, Anton Afanasyev, Georgy Gromov, Yachina Khachina, Khachina, Yachina Chechurchenko, Yachina Khachina, Alina Gvasalia, Anton Afanasyev, Georgy Gromov, Yastina Khachina, Yachina Khachina, Yachina Chechurchenko Dmitry Komov, Natalia Kalashnik

Production: Epic Media
Premiere: February 25, 2019 (Internet release)
Series: 8
Genre: DetectiveCrime TV series, melodrama

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