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About the plot of the series “Early Bird / Erkenci Kuş” 2018 / Comedy / Melodrama / Turkey

ТThe Star TV channel presents a wonderful romantic comedy Turkish TV series "Early Bird" 2018 online, filmed Chagry Bayrakom, which tells the exciting story of one complex love triangle. The main heroine is a young girl Sanem (Demet Ozdemir), which is accustomed to wake up very early. She gets up intently before most people around the world. Such a way of life has become an everyday matter for her, and during all this time she has managed to accomplish a lot of useful things.

It turns out that she opens her father’s shop and restores order there before the arrival of customers. As a result, she also manages to do all the housework and tries never to miss anything. This has been going on for quite some time and recently the girl realized that she wants to start an independent life. But to do this, you need money, because no one is waiting for her with open arms.

That is why Early bird decides to get a job with her sister, because there she can get at least some kind of income. It’s certainly not enough and it’s not enough for a full life, but it’s definitely better than nothing. The situation is not quite the best way and it remains to believe that it will cope with all the difficulties that will befall her in this job. As a result, it is here that she will begin a new period of life, which later will lead to the most unimaginable things that she had not even thought about before. What is it waiting for?

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Early bird / Erkenci Kuş - Information about the series:

A country: Turkey
Director: Chagry Bayrak
Scenario: Ilker Barysh, Ice Kutlu, Yesim Citak
Produced by: Ali Aktürk, Faruk Turgut
Composer: James Schafer

Actors: Jan Yaman / Can Yaman, Demet Ozdemir / Demet Özdemir, Birand Tundzha / Birand Tunca, Sevdzhan Yashar / Sevcan Yaşar, Ozlem Tokaslan / Özlem Tokaslan, Zeynep Kyzyltan / Zeynep Kızıltan
Premiere: 26 Jun 2018
Episode Length: 2 h. 11 min
Genre: Melodramadrama love seriescomedy



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