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Realistic 3D-drawings by the Dutch artist on the pavement

Smotret foto 3d risunki na asfalte Youtebem.com

The artist from Holland creates 3D drawings on asphalt, which are so realistic that you stop trusting your eyes.

ПWe offer to rate this photo incredibly realistic 3D-pictures on asphalt no doubt a gifted street artist from Holland Leona kira... Leon began his extraordinary career by designing logos for world famous companies such as Heineken, Red Bull and Coca-Cola. But in the process of trying himself in different formats, he comes to the decision to try himself in street art and has achieved significant success in this direction.

The artist likes to create three-dimensional paintings that draw attention to themselves and distract passers-by from routine everyday life giving a lot of positives and smiles. People admire his optical illusions and do not leave without a cool photo. Let's take a look at the surreal and fascinating work of this outstanding artist.


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3D картины на асфальте смотреть фото
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The official instagram of the Dutch artist Leon Keer (Leon Keer) / Photo - Video

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