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Смотреть фильм Реальные пацаны новый 12 сезон 2019 онлайн бесплатно

About the plot of the series "Real boys new season 8" 2020 Online / Comedy / TNT Channel 

нikolai Naumov is now completely wrong that he spends most of his free time with friends in the garage and courtyards of his native city. The main character series “Real boys” 2019 new season online no longer violates the law by engaging in theft of manholes and tries to lead a correct life. Becoming a deputy, the boy has to pay much attention to the problems of the public.

He communicates with the common people, takes an active part in the life of young people, helps to choose the right path for students of the local school. He tries to tell young girls and young men about the difficulties that await in the future and how to overcome them. Kohl does not forget about his comrades, tries to relax together and discuss everyday issues, have fun and consult with his friends about the sore.

A representative of the government wants to step back on the participation in a television project, which is completely dissatisfied with the creators appointing the next tour. Valeria (Zoe Berber) is pregnant with a second child and categorically disposed about the absence of a spouse nearby. The girl comes across a video, with her husband and boys, soaring in the bath, which provokes another scandal. Bazanov becomes a lonely father, abandoned with a child in her arms, a chosen one released from prison.



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Real boys New season 8 - Information about the series:

A country: Russia

Director: Zhanna Kadnikova
Screenwriters: Anton Zaitsev, Zhanna Kadnikova, Maxim Filipyev, Yuri Ovchinnikov, Denis Shenin
Operator: Sergey Dolgushin
Composer: Dmitry Lanskoy
Artist: Vladislav Kuznetsov
Producers: Dmitry Pachulia, Dmitry Kondratyuk, Anton Zaitsev, Alexander Dulerain, Evgeny Nikishov, Anton Schukin, Artem Loginov, Alexey Khrenov, Yuri Ovchinnikov, Elena Pechishcheva, Alexey Ageev
Casting Director: Irina Malysheva

Actors: Nikolai Naumov, Zoya Berber, Anton Bogdanov, Vladimir Selivanov, Stanislav Tlyashev, Maria Skornitskaya, Valentina Mazunina, Grigory Trapeznikov, Anna Shepeleva, Marina Fedunkiv, Armen Bezhanyan, Igor Oznobikhin, Alexey Bazanov, Sergey Ershov, Anastasia Ploskova. Lyubov Rudometova, Valentina Lapteva, Dmitry Naumov, Elena Panjaridi, Ekaterina Karachentseva

Release Date: March 25, 2019 and May 12, 2020
Series: 16
Genre: Youth movie online, anti-glamor sitcom,  comedy

The official instagram actress Zoya Berber (Zoya Berber) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram of actor Nikolay Naumov (Nikolay Naumov) / Photo - Video

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Images from the series “Real boys New 8 season” 2020 Russia TNT | Photos of actors



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