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About the plot of the series "Parents 2 season" 2019 Online / Comedy / Melodrama / Super Channel

пAfter the events of the first season comedy series “Parents 2” 2019 online from the channel “Super” five long years have passed. Every adult with at least one child knows that being a parent is very difficult. It is this complexity that illustrates a family-oriented everyday show. The main roles are played by the usual traditional large family: dad, mom and three sons, who have different ages.

Maria (Maria Poroshina) and Alexander (Alexander Samoylenko) - the most ordinary parents who are always looking for an approach to each child. Sixteen-year-old Timofey has long considered himself no longer a child, but an adult. In this case, it requires not just an understanding of the boy, but also something more to help him with his future life, but it is important not to harm the formation of an adult guy.

Twelve-year-old Ilya requires a completely different approach. This is not just a teenager, this is a football player, the activity from which spills over the edges of the adult patience. But even more difficult is the situation with Maxim, because he is only eight, and curiosity is like a real scientist.

The dirty tricks and boy's leprosy do not carry a bad context, but sometimes they get very angry. But it is important to note that the relationship between parents also requires special attention. Watching the heroes, everyone will smile, remembering his childhood, and perhaps what it is to be the mother of a small child, requiring special attention.

Trailer for the series “Parents 2” 2019 Comedy | Premiere 26 August


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Parents 2 season - Release date and information about the series:

A country: Russia

Director: Alexander Zhigalkin
Operator: Paulina Razin
Producers: Mikhail Tkachenko, Vitaly Shlyappo, Eduard Iloyan, Alexey Trotsyuk, Denis Zhalinsky

Actors: Maria Poroshina, Alexander Samoilenko, Alexander Samoilenko, Nikita Mitasov, Alexey Yurchenko, Anastasia Krylova

Premiere: 26 August 2019 (TK Super)
Series: 24 (2 season) 48 series (1 season)
Genre: Melodrama, comedy, family Movies


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