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Native People series (2018) watch online melodrama Russia

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Смотреть художественный фильм Родные люди 2018 онлайн все серии подряд мелодрама

About the plot of the film "Native people" 2018 Online / Channel One / Melodrama / Russia 

В the center of the storyline is a simple girl named Galina (Irina Rozanova), which happened to see a lot in life. She is strong and decisive, which allows her to overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. The pride of the main character series “Native people” 2018 online - two beautiful daughters, motivating her not to give up and go all the way under any circumstances. With her husband Sergei had to leave, but fate brought the heroes of melodrama again.

The paths crossed, which clearly affected the familiar environment of Gali. The past appears on the threshold and makes you think about yourself, but the iron lady does not intend to show weakness, she gives an account of her own actions and thinks exclusively with her head so as not to get much trouble in the future.
An independent young lady has achieved everything on her own, parallel to this forgetting what it means to trust in the hands of the stronger sex.

Galya sincerely does not want to repeat the old mistakes, therefore she does not decide on a new relationship in order not to be disappointed in them again. Behind a courageous mask hides pain, but a woman is unable to show, show it. She does not give up and tempers the character every day. The masses of change are coming, which cannot be avoided even with a special desire.



Watch the Russian film “Native People” 2018 melodrama online for free all series 1-8


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Native People - TV Show Information:

A country: Russia

Director: Alexey Tsarev
Writers: Alexander Arkhipov, Marina Esther
Operator: Radik Askarov
Composer: Alexey Artishevsky
Artists: Yuri Ustinov, Olga Karasik
Producers: Oleg Gaze, Dmitry Cherkasov

Actors: Irina Rozanova, Andrei Ilyin, Maria Mashkova, Varvara Borodina, Ignaty Akrachkov, Andrei Feskov, Artem Tkachenko, Semen Shkalikov, Natalia Vdovina, Olga Dibtseva, Alexander Andrienko, Andrei Zabara, Daria Petrichenko, Anastasia Korolkova, Mikhail Starodubov, Vladimir Antonik, Tatyana Orlova, Ilya Pale, Anna Potebnya, Sergey Kholmogorov, Alexander Nazarov, Sergey Medvedev, Alexander Vodopyanov, Julia Polubinskaya

Production: Film "Pike"
Premiere: September 8 2018 (Channel One) (Russia )
Series: 8
Genre: Melodrama, love films

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Images from the series “Native People” 2018 Russia | Photos of actors


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