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Смотреть русский фильм Рыжик 2019 онлайн мелодрама онлайн в хорошем качестве hd 720-1080 бесплатно

About the plot of the mini-series “Ginger" 2019 Romance | Russia 1 


Tony Ryzhikova, an young, pretty girl, is a rather extraordinary person. Heroine touching movie “Ginger” 2019 online trusts many people and believes in a happy fairy tale. She is sure that the bad does not exist in the world, or that all negative neglects her. In her life came across only responsive and kind people.

She believes in a bright feeling, and knows that soon it will overtake her. Somehow, a certain Zhenya arrives in the town, attractive, self-confident, who instantly conquered the heart of the heroine. The girl loses her head from surging love and thinks that in front of her is that only man. Behind him, and into the fire, and into the water. In a whirlwind of emotions and events, the lover does not see the obvious problem that her beloved is using drugs.

The guy indulges in narcotic drugs and is not going to quit addiction. After three days spent with the young man, the heroine of the action-packed melodrama “Ginger” goes to jail. Young and loving guys went to the club to have fun, but not so simple. In Antonina's purse (Alexandra Tretyakova) find drugs. She is detained and taken to the department.

Naive takes the blame, because she is so in love with Eugene. She does not tell the police anything and she is mistaken for a distributor. This noble act was worth five years of life, but it turns out another news came to her life. The girl in position, thinks that her beloved will appreciate all her actions away from him. But this is only the beginning of the end or the beginning of a new life.



Trailer of the film “Ginger” | Premiere 25 August 2019

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Film Ginger - 2019 - Release Date and Movie Information:

A country: Russia

Director: Artyom Markov
Casting Director: Marina Ivkina
Actors: Alexandra Tretyakova, Natalya Gudkova, Ilya Alekseev, Eric Abramovich, Arseny Tkachenko, Anatoly Golub, Svetlana Nikiforova

Premiere: 25 August 2019 (Channel Russia 1)
Genre: Melodrama, films about Love



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