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Wolves Live TV series (2019) Ukraine watch online for free

Smotret serial s volkami zhit 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм С Волками жить 2019 онлайн мелодрама украинская все серии подряд hd 720

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Live with the Wolves 2019 / Melodrama / Drama / Ukraine / STB Channel /

Гlove heroine series “Live with Wolves” 2109 online Eve (Anastasia Rula) much had to go through. She grew up in a family in which there was never prosperity. Parents could not give their daughter a decent upbringing and did not ensure a safe life, so the heroine grew up with the wrong outlook. Those who taught the girl bad could not take responsibility for her. She had to do all the dirty work by order, and people just used her good intentions and abilities.

God gave the girl an attractive appearance, everything just went crazy over her, she could turn your head to anyone. The girl became a fraud, law enforcement agencies begin to hunt for her, and her portraits hung everywhere. The conclusion that you need to do, asked for itself. It is necessary as soon as possible to save money and go to another country, or at least to another city. The heroine of the Ukrainian film easily throws away all his ambitions.

Together with her accomplices, the girl tracked down the desired house and the owners, who set off for a small departure. The girl made a big bet on such a house, and it turned out that she did not lose. Soon she sneaks into someone else's home and collects many valuable things. But she did not take into account the fact that the owners may soon return. She tried to persuade him to release it quietly, peacefully, but the man has its own conditions ...

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A country: Ukraine

With Wolves live / live life - Information about the series and release date:

Director: Vera Yakovenko
Writer: Tatiana Gnedash
Operator: Alexander Shilov
Composer: Nikita Yanoschuk
Artist: Maria Chupaylenko
Producers: Tatiana Gnedash, Denis Ponomarenko

Actors: Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Dmitry Gavrilov, Elizaveta Tsinik, Valentin Tomusyak, Svetlana Zelbet, Vladislav Onishchenko, Nikolai Boklan, Larisa Rusnak, Fyodor Olkhovsky and others.

Production: Artforms production
Premiere: 25 March 2019 (STB, Ukraine)
Series: 8
Genre: Extreme melodrama

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Stills from “Live with the Wolves” series / X Live Life ”2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors



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