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Feminine Mantis Series (2019) watch online for free all comedy series

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Watch the film The Female Mantis 2019 with Klyukina all series in a row for free melodrama

About the plot of the series "Female Mantis" 2019 / Comedy / Romance / TNT Channel

Эthat funny comedy series “Female Mantis” 2019 online on TNT tells about four girlfriends who discuss various personal life adventures in a secret chat. As we all know, school friendship is considered one of the strong bonds between people. It has been quite a few years since graduation, but the heroines of the film with Darya Klyukina in the lead role continue to keep in touch with each other.

Interference for the four beauties was neither time nor distance. The Internet helps them communicate and allows them to communicate at any time of the day or night. The beauties created a general chat for themselves and gave him a rather funny name “Females of the praying mantis”. For ten years now, girls have been actively communicating in it.

There they can discuss everything. And joy, and sorrow, and victories, and defeats and personal experiences that occur in the life of every person. In the chat, they share the most intimate thoughts and fantasies, discussing everything without a shadow of a doubt. Girlfriends write such that another person is ashamed to say out loud. This place turned out to be a real find for heroines.

This is a kind of secret haven where you can talk on any topic, and your souls will be able to support your aspirations. They hide this place even from their husbands, because their virtual club is purely personal, and not intended for the eyes of others. Girls are so accustomed to it that they do not represent life without a chat.

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Mantis Females 2019 - Release Date and TV Show Information:

A country: Russia

Director: Roman Prygunov
Writers: Stanislav Khalin
Operator: Pavel Kapinos
Producers: Dmitry Shpenkov, Taimuraz Badziev, Anton Morozenko

Actors: Daria Klyukina, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Ksenia Kutepova

Production: TNT
Release Date: Autumn 2019
Series: 20
Genre: Youth online movie, humor, comedy


The official instagram actress Darya Klyukina (Darya Klyukina) / Photo - Video

Author YouTube channel Daria Klyukina | Online update


Stills from the TV series “Female Mantis” 2019 TNT-Russia | Photos of actors

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