Planes of African dictators photo

В While most people in Africa are hungry and living in inhuman conditions, presidents buy luxury planes for themselves. The talented photographer Nick Glaise took the audience on a trip to this world of royal luxury.

Interestingly, the photographer notes, the most expensive decoration is found not in the presidents or businessmen of Europe or America, but in the planes of African kings and dictators who decorate their air liners in the style of the palaces of the east. These machines are decorated with skins and leather of rare animals, inlaid with precious stones, have a finish of gold and silver. Often, the walls of such castles are decorated with real works of art and canvases by great artists.

Glais considers his main task to be the transfer of atmosphere and atmosphere in the cabin. Thus, the photographer invites his viewers to appreciate the beauty that surrounds him during the shooting.

The photographer willingly shares the funny stories that often happen to him on the set. But what about without humor when such serious and influential people surround you? As it turns out, the rich also do not mind joking. So, at one of the photo shoots, Glais was to shoot a private helicopter of a member of the royal family from Southeast Asia. The car brand BlackHawk was a real pride of the owner, but because he himself decided to sit at the helm of his pet.

For high-quality shooting, Glas decided to install an expensive camera on the chassis in front of the car, which cost more than 30 thousand US dollars. A helicopter with a royal face was accompanied by Bell 202, where the photographer and his team were located. Both cars flew about an hour over the jungle, and then moved back. What a surprise the photographer was when, after landing, he did not find expensive equipment on the chassis of the royal helicopter!

Not daring to make a scandal, polite Gleis escaped with a joking remark: he asked the king to return the equipment to him if he met a monkey in the jungle with a camera. However, an influential prankster, waiting for the photographer's confusion, decided to pity him. He admitted that he had deliberately removed the camera from the chassis in advance in order to scare the trusting photographer.

The last exhibition of Gleys was held in the UK: the photographer presented his work at the Brighton Festival. Disclaim the names of the owners of machines Glace did not. Total master worked with more than 800 private jets. Among his famous clients are presidents and monarchs of Turkey, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. The most popular model of the aircraft with rich people, according to the photographer, is Gulfstream.


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