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The Best Male Series (2019) Ukraine watch online for free

Smotret serial sami luchshi muzh 2019 online besplatno youtebem.com

Самый лучший муж фильм (2019) Украина смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама

About the plot of the series “The Best Husband” 2019 | Extremely melodrama | Ukraine Channel

Гlove heroine melodramatic Ukrainian series “The Best Husband” 2019 online - young girl Nina (Elena Shilova), who is madly in love with her boss. As already known, female impermanence has long been turned into a common noun, and some of the fair sex are capable of any deceit. Gleb (Alexey Yarovenko) - a successful businessman who is preparing to take a responsible step in his life. The guy has been dating Mila for a long time, and finally decided to make an offer to the chosen one.

Gleb reports this at the company's office, and hearing congratulations from the employees does not notice the glistening tears in the eyes of his assistant Nina. The girl has long and unrequitedly fallen in love with the boss, but his heart is already taken by Mila (Ksenia Mishina). The assistant is making several desperate attempts to terminate the engagement, but fails. Gleb organizes a party for the company's staff to celebrate the upcoming marriage in the team.

Nina's pride is not able to withstand such a test, so the assistant in frustrated feelings goes home early to cry alone. On the way, the heroine series meets Mila, who coos with an unfamiliar man. The behavior of the couple clearly indicates trembling feelings. Ninochka understands that fate gives her a unique chance to cancel the wedding. She is going to talk about what he has seen, without knowing what consequences this decision will lead to.

The series “The Best Husband / Nickra Cholovik” 2019 watch online for free hd 720 all series in a row 1-8


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A country: Ukraine

The best husband / The most beautiful cholovik - Information about the series:

Director: Sergey Tolkushkin
Screenwriters: Maria Beck, Elena Boyko
Operator: Alexander Boyko
Composer: Yuri Plavko
Artist: Anna Dovbush
Producers: Oleg Rogozha, Illarion Pavlyuk, Vladimir Ribas

Actors: Elena Shilova, Alexey Yarovenko, Ksenia Mishina, Dmitry Tuboltsev, Irina Mak, Nikolai Boklan, Pavel Tupikov, Maria Khomutova, Vladimir Gladky, Larisa Troyanovskaya

Premiere: January 28 2019 (TRK Ukraine)
Series: 8
Genre: Extremely melodrama, Ukrainian TV series online, love films
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