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Смотреть фильм СашаТаня 2019 новый 8 сезон все серии подряд

About the plot of the series “Sasha Tanya” 2019 / Comedy / TNT Channel 

ВThat's what happens in the life of the main characters of the “SashaTanya” 2019 series, the new 8 season, as usual, bears an artistic character. This is an ordinary family living in Moscow, where sometimes serious passions boil. What is the secret of family happiness of this couple? Tanya (Valentina Rubtsova) decided that the whole family urgently needs to go on a diet, to exercise hard and always look good. She specifically purchased a subscription, which created a lot of problems for her husband.

Sasha (Andrey Gaydulyan) on the contrary, he loves to sit in McDonalds and drink beer with friends, and the gym is not the best place for him to spend time, especially since his adored husband becomes a coach. While the Sergeevs are arguing over all sorts of trifles and get into the most curious situations, the elder couple of the family can’t agree on much more serious things. From the moment his wife Eva became a business woman, Sylvestre Andreevich is now completely out of work.

He lacks the feminine caress, and goes for advice to his son, without even knowing that he is opening a Pandora’s box, and this is only the beginning of all the adventures. While everyone does not understand what they really want, Tanya does not want anything, just lie down and rest after a hard and exhausting workout in the fitness room. But can she do this when there are so many things around?

Trailer | Premiere 3 June

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Univer. Sasha + Tanya 2019 - Information about the series and the release date:

A country: Russia

Directors: Mikhail Starchak, Andrei Bogatyrev, Sergey Kazachinsky
Screenwriters: Sergey Notary, Maxim Peshkov, Maxim Shkalikov, Alexey Ivanov
Operator: Alexander Kuznetsov
Artist: Evgeny Burchiev
Producers: Maxim Shkalikov, Alexey Ivanov

Actors: Andrei Gaidulyan, Valentina Rubtsova, Alexey Klimushkin, Andrei Sviridov, Alexey Lemar, Larisa Baranova, Ararat Keschyan, Pavel Kassinsky, Alina Lanina, Sergey Rudziewicz, Tatyana Orlova, Oleg Novikov, Andrey Lebedev, Ksenia Khairova, Vitaly Gogunsky, Sergey Murzin, Andrey Mikhail Polosukhin, Vesta Burkot, Alexandra Bulycheva, Yolka,

Production: TNT - Comedy Club Production
Release Date: 3 June 2019
Series: 15
Genre: Youth film online, humorcomedy

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Images from the series “Sasha Tanya new 8 season” TNT 2019 | Photos of actors


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