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You Can Give Happiness Movie (2020) watch online free melodrama Russia

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Watch the movie "Happiness Can be Gave" 2020 online melodrama series with Natalia Antonova in high quality hd 720-1080

About the plot of the film “You can give happiness” 2020 | Melodrama | Russia 1

вnew Russian melodramatic film “You can give happiness” 2020 online the viewer will get acquainted with the beautiful girl Asya Rybkina. The girl always radiated joy, as she believed that she had everything she needed for a happy life. Asi (Natalia Antonova) was a job. Although low-paid, but loved. The girl gladly went to her every day.

Asya also had a cozy warm house in which a loving husband and a caring son were always waiting for her. The girl could never have thought that such a happy life would take and forever change for the worse. After some time, Asi's husband began to cheat on his wife. But the girl did not notice this.

Also, the husband hid from Asya the real income of the work, thereby allowing himself to be pampered with a gift that was in his property. Her son also had problems. He was a cool programmer, but, like at any job, he had a competitor who was also a master in his work.

After some time, the dismissal from Asi's work is added to all these problems. The girl is in a panic, but she must get together and solve many problems. One of them was the arrest of Gregory. Will the girl be able to survive all these problems that fell on her tender, fragile shoulders or still decides to leave everything as it is?

Trailer of the film “You Can Give Happiness” | Premiere 4 April 2020

Film “You can give happiness” 2020 watch online free hd 720


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Mini-series “Happiness can be given” 2020 - Release date and information about the series:

A country: Russia

Director: Roman Nesterenko
Screenwriters: Irena Seslavinskaya, Lyudmila Tolmacheva
Operator: Viktor Bogolyubov
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Anastasia Kavunovskaya, Andrey Kretov

Actors: Natalia Antonova, Ivan Rudakov, Artyom Vershinin, Marina Domozhirova, Yuri Baturin, Anastasia Kalashnikova

Premiere: 4 April 2020 (Channel Russia)
Series: 4
Genre: Russian melodramas


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Stills from the film “You Can Give Happiness” 2020 Russia | Photos of actors

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