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Family secrets (2019) with Timur Eremeev all releases of the show on the First

Smotret shou semeynie tayni 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть все выпуски шоу Семейные тайны с Тимуром Еремеевым онлайн бесплатно 1 канал Россия

About the plot of the TV program “Family Secrets” 2019 on Channel One / Talk Show / Russia

ПWe introduce to your attention a new TV talk show “Actually” 2019 with Timur Eremeev... The host of the new project was himself not so long ago a participant in the investigation, which became the property of society and made it possible to learn a lot about the life of the legendary actor Spartak Mishulin. A charismatic and very handsome young man named Timur Eremeev turned out to be the illegitimate son of a famous actor.

In his television show, he decided to share with the audience his discoveries from the life of famous personalities who will become a real sensation. The TV viewers will become aware of the details of Vysotsky’s death, about which no one knows anything, about the mysterious death of Zoe Fedorova, the secrets of high-ranking people.

Yeremeyev gives viewers the opportunity to plunge into the past, try to understand what happened so many years ago, become direct participants in the whole drama, which sometimes cost a lifetime. Timur invites in the studio of witnesses who survived, talking with relatives of famous people, trying to compare all the details of what is happening and put together a single puzzle.

For years, the sad past didn’t bother anyone; families and friends kept silence, but the lead’s charisma can help achieve frank stories that so many people are interested in.

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    • Genres: Show, Social Talk Show
    • Year of creation: 2019
    • Release date in RF: 16 June 2019
    • Country: Russia
    • Channel: 1 First
    • Host: Timur Yeremeyev


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  1. Alexander He speaks

    Surprisingly fake and disgusting character, who was chosen as the lead.

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