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About the plot of the series “SenyaFedya” 2019 / 2 season / Series 1- 16 / Comedy / Melodrama / STS / Russia

Дwa bosom friend Senya (Sergey Lavygin) and Fedya (Mikhail Tarabukin) - these are the main characters of this lung. comedy series “SenyaFedya” 2 season 2019 online channel ITS, but in other pictures they were minor characters. This is quite a peculiar duet, they constantly arranged jokes over others. After some time, they decided that it was time to stop working “for an uncle” and start their own business.

They wanted to unite here, too, because they understood that it was impossible to go it alone. They had the idea to arrange a diner on wheels, and they instantly broke off to implement their plans. But it’s much harder to do than they could imagine.

It is not enough just to be able and to like to produce dishes, you need to have at least some experience in doing business in order to achieve success. But for the time being, they only incurred losses from this eatery, because they spent all the money they received from customers on paying loans.

When the heroes started this business, they naively believed that their affairs would quickly go up the hill, and they would soon become rich. But there are many similar points that are much more successful, and they are led by entrepreneurs who know what to do and how to do it, and the Seine and Federa simply have nothing to offer to customers. Guys need to resist decent competition, otherwise they will surely go bankrupt.

Trailer | Premiere 13 May

Comedy film “SenyaFedya” 2019 watch free online all series in a row 1-16 hd 720

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SenyaFedya 2 season 2019 - Information about the series and release date:

A country: Russia
Director: Yury Vladovsky
Screenwriters: Vyacheslav Neronsky, Yevgeny Rusak, Dmitry Matrosov, Oleg Smagin, Kirill Solovyov, Alexey Surkov, Kirill Shamardin, Yanina Sheplyakova
Operator: Alexander Chaplinsky
Artist: Dmitry Petukhov
Producers: Vyacheslav Murugov, Anton Fedotov, Evgeny Yuranov, Pavel Zarukin, Vyacheslav Neronsky, Igor Poptsov, Yana Manaeva
Casting Director: Elena Korneeva

Actors: Sergey Lavygin, Mikhail Tarabukin, Anna Begunova, Irina Serova, Nikita Duvbanov, Dmitry Mazurov, Alexander Zhivova, Veronika Agapova, Galina Konshina, Alyona Minchuk, Kirill Nabatov, Alexey Nekrasov, Anna Firsova, Alexander Mironov

Production: Pick Up Films
Premiere: 13 May 2019 (STS)
Series: 16
Duration: 24 min.
Genre: Comedy, family films, melodramas, youth films

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Images from the series “SenyaFedya”New 2 season 2019 | Photos of actors


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