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Смотреть фильм Сенсор 2019 на канале тв 3 все серии подряд детектив

About the plot of the series "Sensor" 2019 online / 8 series / Detective / Mystic / Thriller / Drama / Channel TV-3 / Russia |

уMain character TV series "Sensor on TV 3" 2019 online Maxim is not the most pleasant ability - he feels the pain of others, as if he was hurting himself. This uniqueness turned the hero into a rather closed, lonely and secretive personality. But there is something that can bring bright colors - this is Lena, a neighbor. The boy has long felt feelings for the girl, but he cannot approach and get acquainted due to his shyness.

Once a girl is tortured by a cruel maniac. The protagonist was nearby, he wants to help the lady of the heart, but he cannot do anything, because the pain that Lena feels from the actions of a maniac begins to drive him crazy. But Max manages to call the police outfit. Due to this, the heroine remains alive, the criminal does not have time to finish the job. Now she has to spend some time in the hospital ward, she is very scared and has several injuries.

The protagonist of the film believes that it is in his power to get on the trail of the torturer with the help of his own skills, because he can feel what the victims of a terrible criminal experience. Max's partner becomes investigator Saveliev, retired. Detectives previously managed to link the crimes in a chain, but his words were not taken seriously. And then Savelyev, due to his insistence and excessive confidence, lost his place in the organs.



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A country: Russia

Sensor - Information about the series and the release date:

Director: Andrey Zagidullin
Screenwriter: Dmitry Yakovenko
Operator: Pavel Emelin
Produced by: Vladislav Rubin, Alexander Sysoev
Actors: Yevgeny Mikheev Marina KuroChka, Oleg Vasilkov, Alexander Mokhov

Premiere: 5 April 2019 (TV-3)
Genre: Detectivesdramas, mysticism, thriller

6 season playlist “Mystical Stories” | Enjoy your viewing!



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