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Smotret serial serdce materi 2019 online Uktaina youyebem.com

Смотреть фильм Сердце матери 2019 с Олесей Фаттаховой все серии подряд мелодрама Украина

About the plot of the Ukrainian series “Mother’s Heart / Mother’s Heart” 2019 / Drama / Melodrama / Ukraine

СThe worst thing is to lose your own child. Blood ties are connected children with parents. Many parents lose their children under various circumstances. This happened in this very touching and sincere TV series “Mother’s Heart” 2019 online. Mother has more influence than father.

She feels the child, even being at a far distance from him. Nothing could be worse than the separation and loss of the particle itself. But mother feels that there is hope, that the heart beats in a tiny organism. She is able to create incredible things and save her blood. The main character Asya Demidova (Olesya Fattahova) became a student.

In addition to studying, she is gradually building a career. Dizzying career promises the future. She has a dream, a desire for a better life. Not sleeping at night, the girl works in sweat to get on her feet in such an unstable society. One day she meets a young man with whom she immediately falls in love.

They have a happy time. At work and at the institute, everything is fine. And recently he made an offer to the heroine. After the wedding, it got even better. And after a certain time, a tiny long-awaited baby is born. Together they live in peace and harmony. Until one day a terrible thing happens for a mother. Her child is being abducted. This tragedy broke soul mates.


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A country: Ukraine

Mother’s Heart / Mother’s Heart - Release Date and Series Information:

Director: Alexander Itygilov
Screenwriters: Alan Khurumov, Alena Kuptsova, Evgenia Vagina, Olga Zhabina
Operator: Andrey Polivany-Bukhtiyarov
Composer: Andrey Ponomarev
Artist: Victor Dontsov
Producers: Natalia Stribuk, Victoria Korogod, Evgeny Lyaschenko, Alexey Terentyev, Vladislav Ryashin
Casting Director: Svetlana Goroshkova, Marina Leonova

Actors: Olesya Fattakhova Ilya Alekseev, Alexey Chest Artyom Alekseev, Fedor Lavrov, Lyudmila Zagorskaya Olesya Zhurakovskaya Diane Wild, Daria Tregubova, Stanislav Boklan Alexei Cherevatenko Alla Maslennikov, Diana Rozovlyan Artyom Poznyak, Vladislav Mamchur Anton Vahliovsky, Vadim Kononov, Mikhail Kucuyuk, Alla Sokolova, Alla Martynyuk, Alexander Bezverkhy

Production: Star Media
Premiere: 18 March 2019 (TRK Ukraine), 2 September 2019 (Russia 1)
Genre: Melodrama



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The official instagram actress Olesya Fattakhova (Olesya Fattakhova) / Photo - Video


The official Instagram of actress Lyudmila Zagorskaya (Ludmila Zagorskaya) / Photo - Video


Stills from “Mother's Heart / Heart of Mother” series 2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors

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