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About the plot of the Ukrainian TV series “Mother’s Heart / Heart of Mother” 2019 / Melodrama / Ukraine

Гmain heroine series “Heart of the mother” 2019 online becomes a young girl Asya Demidova (Olesya Fattahova), fate dealt with this girl very tough. Since childhood, she dreamed of a better life. She wanted to become a famous designer, and hoped that one day her dream would become a reality. But her mother became very sick, and so she faced a difficult choice. Of course, Asya chose to take care of the most dear person, and the dream will wait.

When her mother died, the girl felt that she was left all alone in this world, and no one else would regret or caress her. The heroine thought that she could never be happy. After the funeral, the girl decided to leave her provincial town and move to another place. A change of scenery could help a girl deal with this grief. She goes to the capital and hopes that her whole life will begin anew.

She graduated from school, prepared all the documents to start studying at the university. And she gradually moved towards her childhood dream. The capital did not meet her with open arms, and then there were problems with her school certificate. It was a very gross mistake, and Asya just could not accept to study at the university. For everything to fall into place, and the error in the certificate was corrected, it takes time. The girl is forced to return to her hometown, where fate will at first be favorable to her, but for the time being ...


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A country: Ukraine

Mother's Heart / Mother's Heart - TV Series Info:

Director: Alexander Itygilov
Screenwriters: Alan Khurumov, Alena Kuptsova, Evgenia Vagina, Olga Zhabina
Operator: Andrey Polivany-Bukhtiyarov
Composer: Andrey Ponomarev
Artist: Victor Dontsov
Producers: Natalia Stribuk, Victoria Korogod, Evgeny Lyaschenko, Alexey Terentyev, Vladislav Ryashin
Casting Director: Svetlana Goroshkova, Marina Leonova

Actors: Olesya Fattakhova Ilya Alekseev, Alexey Chest Artyom Alekseev, Fedor Lavrov, Lyudmila Zagorskaya Olesya Zhurakovskaya Diane Wild, Daria Tregubova, Stanislav Boklan Alexei Cherevatenko Alla Maslennikov, Diana Rozovlyan Artyom Poznyak, Vladislav Mamchur Anton Vahliovsky, Vadim Kononov, Mikhail Kucuyuk, Alla Sokolova, Alla Martynyuk, Alexander Bezverkhy

Production: Star Media
Premiere: 18 March 2019 (TRK Ukraine)
Genre: Melodrama





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Stills from “Mother's Heart / Heart of Mother” series 2019 Ukraine | Photos of actors

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