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Heart Wounds series (2018) watch free melodrama

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Сердечные раны фильм (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама

About the plot of the serial film "Heart Wounds" 2018 online / 4 series / Melodrama / Russia 1

РOstislav Gorodetsky (Yuriy Baturin) a talented and hardworking man who works as a heart surgeon. Cordial melodramatic soap opera “Heart Wounds” 2018 Online He will talk about a successful heart surgeon who was able to build a very successful career for himself and copes well with the various difficulties that heap on his shoulders. He solves the most difficult and difficult tasks without any problems, because he is really a master of his work.

At home he is waiting for his beloved wife Kate (Yana Shivkova) and little daughter. Everything is as good as possible and we have to hope that this will continue. Once, the authorities sent him to a small town so that he could perform a complicated operation there. To great joy, Rostislav grew up in that city and knows him well. Having gone on this small business trip, he did an excellent job with the operation and was soon about to go home, when suddenly in the admissions department he met his very first love, Alice.

They recognized each other and began to communicate. It is from her hero learns that her son is seriously ill and he needs a difficult operation. Rostislav understands that he cannot just stand by and therefore invites Alice and her son to his hospital. The boy will be treated and will complete the entire required course, while the girl will stay in their apartment in the meantime. It was naturally not much liked his wife!



The series “Heart Wounds” 2018 online all series in a row 1-4 melodrama channel Russia 1


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A country: Russia
Director: Mikhail Zhernevsky
Writers: Marina Latsis, Elena Balandina
Operator: Vadim Poteev
Producers: Igor Shcherbakov, Yevgeny Rentrevich, Olga Shalik, Vladimir Ignatiev

Actors: Yuri Baturin, Yana Shivkova, Olga Filippova, Ruslan Chernetsky, Andrey Karako, Andrey Dushechkin, Sergey Pukita
Production: Media Trade Union
Premiere: November 10 2018 (Russia 1)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama

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