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Razluchnitsya series (2018) watch free melodrama

smotret film razluchnica 2018 online besplatno melodrama

Сериал Разлучница (2018) смотреть онлайн бесплатно мелодрама канал Россия 1

About the plot of the multi-part film “Razluchnitsa” 2018 online / 4 series / Melodrama / Russia 1

Мelodramatic soap opera of love “Razluchnitsa” 2018 online begins her unhurried story of the ordinary everyday life of Elizabeth (Natasha Shvets), which, like many calm families, develop quite measuredly and happily. Sergei (Dmitry Miller) and Lisa have been married for a long time, which, at first glance, seems to be a happy union of two loving people. However, every family is known to experience its own misfortunes. Seryozha has long been experiencing a mental crisis that overtakes most men at a certain age.

The revaluation of existing values ​​significantly affects the well-being in the marriage. Natasha understands: her faithful is moving away, becoming a stranger, reticent, unwilling to engage in dialogue. Soon it turns out another unfortunate circumstance. At work, her husband has a nice colleague who provides an eminent employee with unequivocal signs of attention. Appearing in a difficult period for the family, the fatal girl has every chance to destroy the fragile harmony, obeying the pursuit of their own selfish interests.

Olya (Ksenia Lukyanchikova) for a long time wants to get married, an implicit hindrance in the form of the legitimate spouse of the chosen one does not embarrass the ambitious and enterprising person. She acts aggressively, aggressively. Under the influence of charm and women's charms, the object of adoration soon surrenders. However, Lisa is not going to give up the position without a fight: she decides to fight for personal happiness and in any way resist the rival acting so actively.



Watch the Russian mini-series “Razluchnitsa” 2018 melodrama online for free on channel Russia 1


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A country: Russia

Director: Roman Prosvirnin
Scriptwriter: Marina Sochinsky
Operator: Andrei Vatsura
Composer: Evgeny Skripkin
Artist: Natalya Evladova
Producers: Alexander Kushaev, Irina Smirnova
Actors: Natasha Shvets, Dmitry Miller, Ksenia Lukyanchikova, Petr Barancheev, Roman Borzovsky, Artyom Borzovsky, Ekaterina Solomatina, Guram Bablishvili, Alexander Oblasov, Maxim Amelchenko

Premiere: November 24 2018 (Россия 1)
Series: 4
Genre: Melodrama

The official instagram actress Ksenia Lukyanchikova (Kseniya Lukyanchikova) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram of actor Dmitry Miller (Dmitry Miller) / Photo - Video

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