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About the plot of the series “3 Street New Season” 2018 watch online for free on the Ruth all series in a row | Russia

Вabout attention new season 3 soap opera “Street” 2018 Online, is still the city quarter, inhabited by the most diverse people. Their difference is not in social status or status, but in the representation of each of its own peculiar importance, which does not have priority over the rest of the caste. They are characterized by a measured lifestyle, which also includes the preservation of hidden secrets and secrets.

Here are different situations that do not exclude friendship and love. A difficult period loomed over the residents of the area. Larisa and Andrei could not get enough of the news that they would soon become parents. So the reigning situation pushes the couple to serious reflections on this issue. There is a possibility that after the appearance of a common chad, the young heroes of the series will not be able to create a full and happy family.

Parallel to this, Andrew finds himself at the crossroads of two roads, choosing between Lara and Alice. The man still does not know who his heart belongs to. Not the best way love affairs with Sokolov and Catherine. Beloved ones begin to drift apart as their own thoughtless and absurd steps. First, the guy makes a marriage proposal to Polina, and after Katya gives Artem a second chance ...

The first and second season you can watch with us by clicking on the link ⇒ 1 season “Street”2 season “Street”

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Director: Zhanna Kadnikova, Nikolay Burlak, Mikhail Solovyov
Scenario: Zhanna Kadnikova, Alexey Malyshev, Vitaly Maximov, Alexander Shestakov, Alexey Karaulov, Alexey Litvinenko, Anna Borisova, Varvara Remchukova, Vyacheslav Serebrenikov, Ilya Yeggi, Maxim Filipiev, Marina Nikolskaya, Timofey Sharipov, Anastasia Volkova
Producer: Timofey Sharipov (creative), Alexey Malyshev, Dmitry Kondratyuk, Anton Zaitsev, Alexander Dulerain, Anton Schukin, Artem Loginov
Operator: Sergey Dolgushin, Sergey Khokhryakov
Production: GoodStoriMedia
Genre: drama, comedy, romance, thriller

Cast: Egor Klinaev, Lelia Baranov, Vladimir Hatckevich Catherine Sedik, Paul Savinkov Sergey Zmicherevsky, Artemy Padalka, Marina Bogatova Kseniya Zhdanova, Martha Dromashko, Alexander Terekhov, Sophia Resnyanskaya Anna Klinskaya, Vasilisa Nemtsov, Kristina Aleksandrova, Eugene Turkova , Evgenia Korotkevich, Petr Romanov, Nikita Lobanov

The official Instagram actress Ekaterina Sedik (Ekaterina Sedik) / Photo / Video

The official instagram actress Lyoli Baranova (Lyolya Baranova) / Photo / Video

Soundtracks from the TV series “Street”

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