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Northern Lights Death Tracks Movie (2019) Watch Online Free Detective

Smotret film severnoe siyanie sledi smerti 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть детективный мини сериал СЕВЕРНОЕ СИЯНИЕ. СЛЕДЫ СМЕРТИ (2019) Россия

About the plot of the film "Northern Lights: Traces of Death" 2019 online / Detective / Russia 

Аgata (Irina Goryacheva) pretty young woman who is a writer. Heroine of the detective film “Northern Lights: Death Trails” 2019 online lives quite a normal life and now began to experience something like a creative crisis. She cannot explain her condition and therefore has to do everything possible to cope with such difficulties.

And finally, she decides to go to a small island, just to take a break from all this local bustle, which has recently begun to surround her. She is really very tired and has to believe that in the future the girl will cope with all the troubles that will stand in her way. On the island, she was sure that she would be terribly bored, but as it turned out, this was not the case.

The place seemed to her quiet and calm, and it remains just to enjoy the whole atmosphere that prevails around. But suddenly a few local people get some kind of virus. According to legends, this is an ancient witchcraft that has already happened here before. Naturally, Agatha did not believe in all these fairy tales, and in general she is skeptical of this kind of information. But it happens that suddenly everything becomes even more confusing and now the heroine of the mini-series does not know what to believe and what not.

Watch Russian film “Northern Lights: Death Trails” 2019 Free Online Detective 


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Northern Lights: Death Trails - 4 FILM INFORMATION:

A country: Russia

Director: Vladimir Nakhabtsev
Screenwriters: Victoria Platova, Bella Pribilova, Natalia Shishkova, Dmitry Shutko
Operator: George Egorov
Artist: Eugene Ilyushin
Producers: Ruben Dishdishyan, Dmitry Shutko, Maxim Korolev, Pavel Churkin
Casting Director: Elza Hasbieva

Actors: Irina Goryacheva, Anna Dulova, Konstantin Shelestun, Galina Bokashevskaya, Nikita Plashchevsky, Vladimir Kotov, Helga Filippova, Vitaly Kornienko, Alexey Simonov

Series: 2

Production: Alliance Film Company, Mars Media Entertainment
Premiere: March 1 2019 TVC
Genre: Detective movies online

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Images from the film “Northern Lights: The Witch Dolls” 2019 | Photos of actors



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