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Northern Lights Witch dolls movie (2019) watch free online

Smotret film severnoe siyanie vedmini kukli 2019 detektiv youtebem.com

Смотреть детективное кино Северное сияние Ведьмины куклы 2019 бесплатно онлайн hd 720 Россия

About the plot of the film "Northern Lights: Witch Dolls" 2019 online / Detective / Russia 

ОThe remote island in the north very carefully takes two guests from the capital. Two heroines movie “Northern Lights: Witch Dolls” 2019 online I really want to solve puzzles, stretching from the far past of their family. Pedigree very interested writer Agatu Sever (Irina Goryacheva), and her assistant Marusya (Anna Dulova) decided to go with a woman for the company. The locals are not very happy with the fact that they were strangers on their territory.

Ironically, a resident of Moscow will fall into the cycle of events that are closely intertwined with the crimes of two years ago. The police then could not find the criminals. It gets harder when the only relative dies that can tell a lot of family secrets. Life on the island becomes both for the writer and for her assistant a real test of strength and an indicator of the ability to survive in difficult situations.

Women have to independently investigate the death of the aunt, because the investigators suspect the niece of this death. Riddles from the past, which now often surface in front of Agatha and tightly intertwined with the murder that is happening now. To learn the secrets and secrets of the family, the writer will have to speak frankly with many residents of the island.



Watch the Russian film “Northern Lights: The Witch Dolls” 2019 free online detective 



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Northern Lights: Witch Dolls - MOVIE INFORMATION:

A country: Russia

Director: Vladimir Nakhabtsev Jr.
Screenwriters: Victoria Platova, Bella Pribilova, Natalia Shishkova, Dmitry Shutko
Operator: George Egorov
Artist: Eugene Ilyushin
Producers: Ruben Dishdishyan, Dmitry Shutko, Maxim Korolev, Pavel Churkin
Casting Director: Elza Hasbieva

Actors: Irina Goryacheva, Anna Dulova, Nikita Plashchevsky, Konstantin Shelestun, Galina Bokashevskaya, Alexey Simonov, Vitaliy Kornienko, Helga Filippova, Elizaveta Nilova, Anton Kolesov, Vladimir Kotov, Sergey Andreychuk, Kira Kaufman, Vladimir Yarosh

Production: Alliance Film Company, Mars Media Entertainment
Premiere: January 15 2019 TVC
Genre: Detective films online

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