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Chess Queen series (2019) watch online for free detective Russia

Smotret serial shakhmatnaya koroleva 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Шахматная королева 2019 онлайн бесплатно детектив на канале ТВ центр Россия

About the plot of the series “Chess Queen” 2019 / Detective / Thriller / Crime / TVTs Channel / Russia

Гthe heroine criminal Russian TV series “Chess Queen” 2019 online with a sports series, once during a walk, she helped a girl, freeing her from the hands of the assaulting hooligans. Vera Goregodil very much want to thank the savior. She is the owner of the popular salon "Isolde", in which professional stylists work. She offers unemployed athlete to work in her salon.

Soon the women became good friends, they could trust each other with any secrets. Dana learns about the troubles in the family of the mistress, which relate to her mother Isolde Pavlovna. Vera's mom died long ago under strange circumstances. Investigators could not figure out what happened. Many years later, Vera began to receive threatening calls that spoke of diamonds that the girl’s mother allegedly stole.

But then they could not prove her guilt, and the case was closed for lack of evidence. Together the girls decide to find the investigator Shulgin to find out everything about the past case. The investigator also hopes to resume and solve this case. Now begins the brutal game, led by the Queen. She removes first the fiancé of the Faith, and then several other people close to her. But her best friend, an athlete, hinders her approach to Vera.

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Chess Queen - Movie Info:

A country: Russia

Director: Maria Makhanko
Writers: Andrei Terekhov, Tatyana Kitsya
Operator: Alexander Pushkin
Composer: Vladimir Sajko
Artist: Igor Morozov

Actors: Alyona Kolomina, Juliet Goering, Boris Khvoshnyansky, Sergey Shatalov, Anatoly Rudenko, Valery Garkalin, Olga Naumenko, Elena Valyushkina, Valery Barinov, Alexander Kovalev
Production: “Sila” Creative Production Association

Premiere: February 23 2019 (TVC)
Series: 4
Genre: DetectiveCrime TV series, thriller

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