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Chance to love / Chance to Cox (2018) TV series / Romance

Watch the series "Chance of Love" 2018 online free melodrama | Ukraine


The plot of the melodramatic series “A Chance for Love” 2018 online is an inconspicuous but talented girl Olya who knows English perfectly well and works as a translator at the Chance marriage agency. It helps others find happiness, without having to manage their personal lives.

ПThe translator wrote letters to potential suitors, wrote answers to incoming messages on behalf of single girls and women. Once on the instructions of Angela, another client of the agency, Olya enters into correspondence with the young Englishman Henry. Soon the main character realizes that she is in love with a man who does not know about her existence. Fortunately, the beautiful Angela does not give foreign languages ​​at all.

On the advice of his friend Mark Henry in a hurry to Kiev to get acquainted with the Ukrainian lover. Conscious of the peculiarities of the resulting piquant situation, the employee decides to quit, so as not to mix heartfelt affairs with a working debt. She reports the decision to the boss. Sly Angela asks Olya to invite Henry to visit the city. Aferistka plans to fool a gullible tourist and cheat in a dishonest way a large sum of money.

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Starring: Daria Egorkina, Julia Berngardt, Dainis Grube, Pavel Grishkov, Stanislav Brzezinski, Alexander Katunin, Aram Arzumanyan, Natalia Dakhno, Julia Bodnar, Natalia Vovchenko, Andrei Kronglevsky, Miroslava Filippovich

Director: Alexander Timenko

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