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School 2 season (2018) Non-child games Ukrainian TV series all series

Smotret serial Shkola 1,2 sezon Ukraina Youtebem.com

Ukrainian series School 2 season. Non-children's games ”2018 watch online for free youth film all series in a row 1-30 | Ukraine

Вabout the attention of Ukrainian youth series “School 2 season” on channel 1 + 1 there is a typical school institution with typical problems. Once there was a lot of conflict and drama, and the teaching staff had to put a lot of effort to find a common language with students, especially for high school students.

Smotret serial Shkola 1,2 sezon Ukraina Youtebem.com

Every day the situation grew tense, the arguing parties remained in their opinion without hope of a compromise. Changes happened at a time when a new leadership appeared at the helm. For the inhabitants of the school, the boundaries were expanded, it was allowed to attend discos and various events held in accordance with the new rules from the leaders.

High school students are delighted with the changes, only Lola arrives in displeasure. Earlier, the heroine wore the status of "queen", but now her opportunities have fallen, and she has become uninteresting. The poor thing is trying to regain popularity, but suffers constant failures. Together with the loss of status, the girl was disappointed in love. Her boyfriend Pavel decided to end the relationship. The guy simply could not bear her specific character and decided to take a serious step, offering to remain friends and maintain contact. So angry Lola is going to take revenge ....

How to conquer Instagram: Tips from blogger Lola from the TV show School


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Country: Ukraine
Director: Sergey Umanets, Sergey Tolkushkin, Irina Litvinenko
Scenario: Anastasia Alekseeva, Alexandra Mironova, Lesya Voloshin
Operator: Daniel Levian, Nikolai Kobzar
Producer: Alexander Tkachenko, Olga Slisarenko, Victoria Lezina-Maslyanaya, Roman Lukin, Christina Shkabar, Ksenia Chernaya
Production: 1 + 1 Production
Genre: Comedy, youth film, romance, drama

Cast: Yanina Andreeva, Nikita Vakulyuk, Alyona Kurt, Roman Lukyanov, Irina Kudashova, Liza Vasilenko, Anatoly Tikhomirov, Alexander Petrenko, Bogdan Osadchuk, Oleg Vigovsky, Anna Trincher, Karina Chernyavskaya, Arno Muke, Philip Kozlov, Konstantin Cherl Okhell Llyuk Chello Oral, I will answer , Nikolay Kyi, Elena Larina, Nikita Balev, Valentina Medovaya, Tatyana Vashnevskaya

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