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3 School Graduation Series (2019) 1 + 1 Watch Online Free Ukraine

Smotret serial shkola vipusknoy 2019 online youtebem.com

Смотреть фильм Школа выпускной 3 сезон на канале 1+1

About the plot of the series “School 3 Graduation / School Vipusniy” 2019 | Drama | Melodrama | Ukraine

ДVery soon, students will have to celebrate the end of the next academic year. For many, it will be the last. Graduates have to prepare for school exams, and it is worth thinking about the future. Ahead of the boys and girls a new way - they need to go to university, choose a profession. But many do not want to part with the school, and still continue to a carefree life. Not everyone is ready to go into adulthood.

Many classmates no longer see each other after they exit the school. And many young heroes of the cult Ukrainian serial “School 3 Graduation” 2109 online fell in love with school and never want to part. The life of many students changed when a sudden emergency occurred at school. The fire started in the building. No one could even imagine that this was possible. In a very short time, the fire engulfed a huge audience, and part of the school was destroyed.

All in the building were in the most dangerous trap, and the fiery enemy was getting closer and closer. This tragedy showed the true face of many people. Many began to help each other, even though initially hostile and could not tolerate each other. But there were those who simply decided to escape and take care only of their skin. And the worst thing is that among such cowards were teachers and school workers.



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Country: Ukraine
Director: Sergey Umanets, Sergey Tolkushkin, Irina Litvinenko
Scenario: Anastasia Alekseeva, Alexandra Mironova, Lesya Voloshin
Operator: Daniel Levian, Nikolai Kobzar
Producer: Alexander Tkachenko, Olga Slisarenko, Victoria Lezina-Maslyanaya, Roman Lukin, Christina Shkabar, Ksenia Chernaya
Production: 1 + 1 Production
Genre: Comedy, youth film, romance, drama

Cast: Yanina Andreeva, Nikita Vakulyuk, Alyona Kurt, Roman Lukyanov, Irina Kudashova, Liza Vasilenko, Anatoly Tikhomirov, Alexander Petrenko, Bogdan Osadchuk, Oleg Vigovsky, Anna Trincher, Karina Chernyavskaya, Arno Muke, Philip Kozlov, Konstantin Cherl Okhell Llyuk Chello Oral, I will answer , Nikolay Kyi, Elena Larina, Nikita Balev, Valentina Medovaya, Tatyana Vashnevskaya

The official instagram actress Liza Vasilenko (Liza Vasilenko) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram of actor Alexander Petrenko (Alexandr Petrenko) / Photo - Video

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Images from the series “School 3 Graduation / School Vipusniy” 2019 Ukraine 1 + 1 | Photos of actors



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