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About the plot of the reality show “School of psychics” 2019 on channel TNT | Russia  

ТThe TV show “School of Psychics” on TNT is a regular program, which tells about magic, esotericism, mysticism and mentors, they will begin to teach wards. For about ten years TV viewers closely watched how magicians and magicians pass tests and compete for the title of the best psychic. Many people have shown skill over many seasons. And now the owners of unusual skills have a chance to show themselves and declare themselves.

Mystic Swami Dashi and Konstantin Ghessati will decide their fate, he is very much in love with the fair sex. They will take in the team of those who have a gift and a desire to develop it. But not everyone will be lucky to get into the show. It is necessary to stand out from the crowd, to be able to surprise with abilities and ways of working. If a person manages to get into the main competition, the teachers will help control the skills and apply them in the right direction.

Participants will have to show supernatural abilities in front of millions of viewers. Numerous checks will be developed for them. Guests of the program will be other famous extraordinary people who previously participated in the "Battle". Contestants have the opportunity to declare themselves to the whole country, but the only one will be the winner.

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Country: Russia
Moderators: Swami Dashi, Konstantin Getzati and Sergey Safronov
Production: TNT
Genre: tv show

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Footage from the show “School of psychics” 2019 channel TNT | Photo leading and participants



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