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Смотреть онлайн "Шоумаскгоон на НТВ 1 сезон" 2021 шоу c Батрутдиновым и Тимур Родригез все выпуски подряд передача

About the plot of the show "Showmaskgoon Season 1" 2021 / Russia / Entertainment / Songs / Channel NTV 

НThe new music show "Showaskgoon" on the NTV channel presents to our attention an unusual work for humanity. Its main difference will be the newest and famous heroes - the finalists of various popular music TV shows. The audience will see their favorite heroes of well-known films, for example - "Mask", "You are super!" and also "Superstar".

This show brought together all the people previously associated with music, this was said by the person holding the position of the main producer. The man said that Showmaskgon is completely improved in the history of Russian television. The rules for this project are very simple. A team of 9 participating is obliged to demonstrate any direction in music, given to her to choose. All these styles as well as the number of people in the team.

They should not be repeated, since this is the first condition of the Showmaster. After defining with style, each of the performers demonstrates their prepared number. It is also known that there is no jury in the show, and the participants themselves give marks on a scale from 1 to 9, having certain conditions. The last action is the spectator's verdict, and in the final vote, all the votes earned by the participants are counted, and the winner is then chosen.


Showmaskoon TV Show Trailer | Premiere  on September 25 2021

Watch reality show Showmaskgoon Season 1" (2021) free online all series in a row hd 720-1080

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