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Nurse series (2018) all series online for free detective hd 720

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Smotret serial Sidelka 2018 Youtebem.com

The focus is on a girl named Ekaterina Kirsanova, who until recently worked at school, but on a false pretext she was removed and she immediately received a good offer. For a decent amount of money she is offered a job as a nanny.

Russian series “Nurse / View” 2018 watch online for free all series in a row 1-16

Зand a decent amount of money the main character of the detective series “The Nurse” 2018 online is given a job as a nanny. The girl's ward is a big guy in business, the head of a large family, Anatoly Shubin, who is in a dying condition. Katya settles in a luxurious family mansion.

The house is inhabited by a patronizing woman - wife Olga, the eldest son of Vova, distraught by the idea of ​​achieving the right of heir, the middle son of Igor, who burns his life to the left and to the right, as well as his daughter Victoria, who shows no interest in the tragedy of her father, is a blogger and rebel in one person.

Klishin is the best friend of the family and the patient’s partner, who provides support to the family, but rather not the one who tries to show himself ... Soon it becomes known that Shubin is not really in a coma and for some reason carefully hides it from his relatives.

At the present moment, his main confidential character, Kirsanova, who by chance became implicated in the showdowns of the family drama.

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