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Ambulance season 1 serial (2018) watch online for free all series

Smotret serial Skoraya Pomosh 2018 online Youtebem.com

Скорая помощь (2018) сериал смотреть онлайн фильм о медиках

About the plot of the series "Ambulance season 1" 2018 online for free all series in a row 1 - 20 on the NTV / Drama / Russia channel

РRussian dramatic soap opera “Ambulance” online tells about a talented neurosurgeon who works in one of the prestigious medical institutions. This person has repeatedly demonstrated his abilities in practice and saved hundreds of tens of lives. Hero played wonderful artist Gosha Kutsenko, with particular responsibility approaches his work and tries for the benefit of the patients so that they receive proper treatment.

Much to our regret, a delightful doctor has no abilities inherent in God, therefore he is not omnipotent. So the man had a chance to face a cruel reality at the moment when he lost the life of one patient. Subsequently, the doctors were removed from office and closed access to the practice. His usual image has changed radically, not one circle of hell had to go to return the name honestly, but the attempts were unsuccessful.

Achieve understanding from others seemed an overwhelming affair, people sometimes show cruel cunning, raising themes about death. After a long time, an outstanding neurosurgeon quit trying to achieve justice, waving his hand at this venture. Soon the hero the film they got a driver for an ambulance about doctors, being able to help people in this way, but his colleagues did not know with whom they have the honor to cooperate ...

Watch the series “Ambulance” 2018 online on NTV channel

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A country: Russia
Director: Bogdan Drobyazko
Screenwriters: Dmitry Lemeshev, Ekaterina Grigorieva, Mikhail Khleborodov
Operator: Ivan Pomorin
Composer: Ruslan Lukyanov
Artist: Dmitry Petukhov
Producers: Mikhail Khleborodov, Rauf Atambibekov, Galina Khleborodova, Alexander Kozlov, Natalia Klimova
Casting Director: Maria Rtishcheva

Actors: Gosha Kutsenko, Yekaterina Volkova, Marina Domozhirova, Stepan Kulikov, Alexander Tyutin, Pyotr Barancheev, Anastasia Morgun, Alexander Amelin, Alexander Rovensky, Irina Averina, Oleg Taktarov, Tatyana Kosach-Bryndina, Natalya Fenkina, Sergey Serov, George Turoparov, Evgeny Agenorov, Konstantin Adaev, Galina Anisimova, Alexander Anoprikov, Maria Antipova, Nina Antyukhova, Olesya Astapova, Andrey Balyakin, etc.
Production: RiM
Premiere: October 15 2018 (NTV)
Series: 20
Genre: Dramasocial drama

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