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About the plot of the series Hidden: Förstfödd» 2019 online / Fantasy / Thriller / Drama / 8 series / Sweden

зgrasping Swedish TV series “Hidden” 2019 online tells the life story of a young guy named Jonas. He is still quite young, and therefore he is studying at the university, at the faculty where law is taught. The boy learns very diligently and successfully, thanks to which he even receives a regular scholarship.

Also, a young man is engaged in various forms of part-time jobs. A man does so much at the same time to support himself and his elderly, sick and weak mother. But in the main character, in addition to wonderful industriousness and patience, there is another inner secret.

Inside it are stored mystical magical abilities. But only to learn about and get about them, the main character of the feature film is obliged to survive a small death. What happened when Jonos experiences a terrible car accident, after which he literally resurrects.

But after his miraculous salvation, he discovers in himself very interesting abilities. In order to deal with them, our hero decides to go to the distant Swedish city of Stockholm to reveal all the secrets of this settlement. And there are countless secrets and many secrets, and in order to pass them all the guy will have to go through trials.




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Hidden: Förstfödd - TV Series Information and Release Date:

Country: Sweden

Director: Jonathan Sjöberg, David Barron, Daniel di Grado
Screenwriters: Jonathan Sjöberg, Björn Pacualin
Operators: Petrus Hovik, Eric Persson
Artists: Liv Ask, Christian Olander, Chaba Lodi
Producers: Berna Levine, Eiffel Mattsson

Actors: August Wittgenstein: Isabella Skorupko: Anders Mossling: Jozefina Jungman: Filip Alexandersson: Eric Erickson: Gizem Erdogan: Lisa Linnerthorpe:
Rolf Ludahl: Pia Tielta other..

Production: Viaplay, Yellow Bird Film & TV
Premiere: February 1 2019
Series: 8
Genre: Fantasy, thrillers, drama, crime

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