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About the plot of the film “Slumber: Labyrinths of sleep” 2017 / Horror / England / USA

Сthe paintings of life evolve around Dr. Alice (Maggie Kew), which conducts unusual experiments. Her clients include men and women who suffer from nightmares. It is important for a qualified specialist to determine the causes of these phenomena. To identify an effective way to help a patient, a deep study of the mental activity of each person is necessary.

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The whole point is that Alice has similar circumstances. She, like her patients, periodically observes paranormal visions. In the present case, there is nowhere to turn to her, since, having revealed the secret, she will ruin her practice, acquired by long years. So the main character the film “Slamber: Sleep Mazes” 2017 Online helps people with this kind of ailment, and at the same time tries to understand a personal problem.

At some point, the woman manages to establish a connection between herself and the sufferers who come to her. Now the specialist has no doubt that the basis of the phenomena is the same for all. Global searches have produced shocking results. It became known that during the nighttime sleep, something from the other world penetrates into the relaxed body with a definite and specific goal, and it is extremely necessary to immediately stop ...

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The slogan of the horror film "Slumber: Labyrinths of Dream" 2017 - "Welcome to the original nightmare"

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Other Name: Druma
Country: United Kingdom, United States
Director: Jonathan Hopkins
Scenario: Jonathan Hopkins
Producer: James Harris, Mark Lane.
Operator: Polly Morgan
Production: Tea Shop & Film Company, Goldcrest Films International
Composer: Ulash Pakkan
Genre: Horror

Cast: Maggie Q, Sylvester McCoy, Will Kemp, Sam Troughton, William Hope, Honor Knifsey, Kristen Bush



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