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Elephants can play a football movie (2018) watch free online drama

Smotret film sloni mogut igrat v futbol 2018 youtebem.com

Смотреть кино Слоны могут играть в футбол 2018 эротическая драма онлайн бесплатно

About the plot of the Russian film "Elephants can play football" 2018 Online / Drama / Russia 

дaction of this intriguing Elephants Can Play Football 2018 Online takes place around a forty year old man, and his name is Dmitry. He considers himself the most simple and nothing unremarkable person. He has a brilliant intuition, and it is to her and his enormous working capacity that the main character was able to achieve enormous heights in his career. He is engaged in entrepreneurial activities and as a result receives very good money.

He is wealthy and can afford anything, but he cannot find the perfect girl for himself. Despite his rather respectable age, Dmitry does not forget to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. A man boasts excellent physical condition. Even despite his beautiful appearance, the protagonist to spend his free time in splendid isolation.

He has practically no faithful friends with whom he could talk heart to heart. One day he decides to come to his hometown, and here his expensive intersection with an attractive girl, Mary. He graduates from school and makes huge plans for the future. A businessman begins to take an active interest in the young beauty and soon he realizes that he cannot do without her and is very bored if she is not around. The couple has a huge number of obstacles, but the man still believes that they can be together.



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Elephants can play football / Elephants Can Play Football - Movie info and release date:

A country: Russia

Director: Mikhail Segal
Scriptwriter: Mikhail Segal
Operator: Eduard Moshkovich
Composer: Mikhail Segal
Producers: Andrey Novikov, Alexander Kotelevsky, Igor Esin, Sergey Chliyants, Ruslan Tatarintsev

Actors: Vladimir Mishukov, Sofia Gershevich, Varya Pakhomova, Sasha Bystrazhitskaya, Sergey Mamotov, Elena Korotkova, Dmitry Gudochkin, Denis Fomin, Nadezhda Gorelova, Mikhail Segal, Yury Bykov, Irina Pakhomova, Maria Khomutova, Ksenia Kubasova, Nina Zhuravleva

Production: “Artlight”, “Invada Film”

Premiere: November 1 2018
Genre: Drama, Erotic, 16 +

The official instagram actress Sofia Gershevich (Sofia Gershevich) / Photo - Video

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Frames from the movie “Elephants can play football”2018 Russia | Photos of actors



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