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Russian mini-series “The Random Bride” 2018 watch online for free all series in a row 1- 4 Russia

В the center of attention is a young girl named Anastasia, who works as an ambulance doctor. By virtue of permanent employment, the heroine series “Random Bride” online 2018 can not forge a personal life. However, the situation is changing due to one accident. The duty crew receives an urgent call to a country house. Medics have to save the daughter of the notorious businessman.

Serial sluchaynaya nevesta

The ten-year-old girl lost consciousness and, according to the forecasts of the doctors who arrived, required immediate hospitalization. Looking around a little patient, Anastasia meets a family friend Ignatiev. Soon the young man begins to pay attention to the heroine. Costly gifts and courtship prompts the girl to a relationship. The serious intentions of a wealthy man are testified by the presented wedding ring.

Preparation for the main celebration is in full swing. And then a terrible tragedy happens - the Knyazev spouses are killed in a car accident. By inheritance, the business passes into the hands of a minor Elizabeth, who remains without supervision. Sergei without hesitation resolves the issue with the adoption, and to complete this process he will have to speed up the marriage procedure. So there are circumstances that the future bride learns about the involvement of the beloved in the death of the chief.



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