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Servant of the People 3 Selection TV Series (2019) watch online free comedy

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Смотреть фильм Слуга народа 3 сезон украинская комедия все серии подряд комедия

About the plot of the series “Servant of the People 3 Choice / Servant to the People 3” 2019 | Comedy | Ukraine

Гlove hero of the Ukrainian comedy series “Servant of the People 3 Choice” 2019 online Vasily Goloborodko (Vladimir Zelensky) worked as a modest history teacher, and never claimed the highest government positions. But by the will of fate, as well as by the will of the people, a simple resident of the rural hinterland becomes the President of the country. Vasily is well aware of the problems of the country's population, because he himself is her modest citizen.

Possessing a heightened sense of justice, Goloborodko wants to do everything to solve the problems of his citizens. The new president refuses from the benefits inherent in him, and goes to work in public transport, and more often by bicycle. Being far from the bureaucracy, the humble historian does not understand its laws at all, therefore he breaks the settled order by his decisions.

Gradually, Vasily gains confidence in his presidency, but he honors his principles sacredly. Its main purpose is to serve the Ukrainian people. And he intends to fulfill this mission to the end. After all, the main thing is that any citizen of the country, from a modest employee to a deputy, should be equal in his rights, so that everyone could live like a president.

Of course, in the echelons of power there are many dissatisfied officials with the new policy of Vasily. They often put a stick in the wheels in the way of change. But the mechanism starts working for change. Life is gradually changing for the better, the people believe in the president. Basil still has much to do to ensure that this process does not stop.



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Country: Ukraine

Production: Studio Quarter 95The servant of the people
Genre: Comedy,

Cast: Volodymyr Zelensky, Yevgen Koshovy, Stanіslav Boklan, Olga Zhukovtsova, Olena Kravets, Valeriy Zhidkov, Mika Fatalov, Oleksandr Pіkalov, Yuri Krapov

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The official instagram of Vladimir Zelensky (Vladimir Zelensky) / Photo - Video

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The official instagram actress Elena Kravets (Elena Kravets) | 95 Quarter

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