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About the plot of the series “Smersh Road of Fire / Death Row / There was no order to die” 2019 online / Drama / Military / History / Action / Detective / Russia

Нnew Russian military series “Smersh” 2019 online for ren TV tells the story of the confrontation of the secret intelligence service of the USSR and the Third Reich during the Great Patriotic War. “Smersh” is a unit that was created specifically, and it includes only real professionals in their field, they fought with spies and those who became a real traitor. This unit was created in wartime in order to eradicate intelligence agents and spies in the Soviet Union.

Toward the end of the terrible war, the troops were able to liberate some cities from invaders from Germany, and the work of such a department became really important. Even one intelligence officer, who was in the liberated city and passed important secret information to the leadership, could carry a huge threat to the city. At any time, German soldiers could regain control of the territory. Therefore, at such a time, as never before, you need to follow certain rules and maintain order, look for traitors and spies.

Therefore, it was decided to form such a detachment. The agents knew perfectly well what a responsible task was behind them. Every day they may not return from the next task, but they were not afraid and did not try to avoid difficulties and troubles. In order to achieve goals, they are ready to risk their lives, they have no right to think or make mistakes. The peace of the Soviet people depends on their work.

Trailer - Smersh - Premiere 28 April 2019


Watch the series “Smersh - The Road of Fire / Death row / Dying order was not” 2019 all series in a row for free, as well as 2007 and 2011's

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Smersh 2019 - Series Info and Release Date:

A country: Russia

Director: Oleg Fomin
Writers: Savva Minaev, Evgeny Kerov, Sergey Kuzminykh
Operator: Andrey Iosifov
Composers: Anatoly Zubkov, Yegor Zubkov
Artist: Sergey Golubev
Producers: Andrey Anokhin, Vladislav Ryashin, Alexey Pimanov, Anatoly Tupitsin, Vladimir Tyulin, Boris Yanovsky

Actors: Alexey Makarov, Vladislav Kotlyarsky, Oleg Fomin, Leonid Gromov, Nikolai Kozak, Alexander Oblasov, Anatoly Gushchin, Alexander Bogdanov, Evgenia Malakhov, Svetlana Stepankovskaya, Denis Konstantinov, Dmitry Lavrov, Maxim Litovchenko, Mikhail Dorozhkin, Andrey Piskaryov, Oleg Mazurov, Artyom Grigoriev, Alexey Ovsyannikov, Dmitry Pervushin, Alexey Sergeev, Alexander Alexeev, Olga Venikova, Yuri Anpilogov, Soslan Fidarov, Yevgeny Mundum, Sergey Sharifullin

Production: Star Media
Premiere: 28 April 2019 (REN TV Channel)
Series: 12
Genre: Drama, historical film, war films, films about the Great Patriotic War, thriller, detective



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The official instagram actress Evgeniya Malakhova (Evgeniya Malakhova) / Photo / Video

Images from the series “Strong Armor” 2019 Russia | Photos of actors


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