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Comedy Club / Batrutdinov, Kravets, Rudova - Two girlfriends watch online

Дve beauties party girl friends secretly compete with each other for the heart of a certain major Stas. He is so cool and smart that after a hard and long climb up the career ladder, plowing like a galley slave for 24 hours a month, already at his 22nd, he is a deputy in his father's bank.

The exposed lionesses have already had a mutual agreement for 7 years that, in spite of the passing years, they are always 22 years old, but the photographic images in their Instagram persistently insist on the opposite. The dude Stas has a rather difficult choice, either Albina, gaining scanty and shameful 75 likes for a photo from followers, or Christina, who has a colossal problem, the unfortunate worker has only the right side :)

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Year of manufacture: 2018 Comedy Club (14 season, 8 series)

Cast: Timur Batrutdinov, Marina Kravets, Natalia Rudova

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Official instagram of Natalya Rudova (Natalya Rudova) / Photo - Video / @rudovanata

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