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About the plot of the series "Lighthouse keeper" 2019 online / 12 series / History / Detective / NTV Channel / Russia

cabyss spy detective series “Lighthouse Keeper” 2019 online on NTV take place in wartime and everyone knows that he can die at any time. The focus is on Russian troops, who learn about a sabotage by the Germans. They will find out that they decided to send an enemy here who supposedly would have to turn it all over.

This can not be allowed in any case, and it is necessary to calculate this scoundrel by any means. As for the enemy himself, he is just becoming a German, who will have to penetrate the enemy ranks and accomplish the very task that is demanded of him. It will be extremely difficult to do this, so you have to hope only for a positive result. How it will turn out to be really unclear, but it is worth believing only in success.

Here he manages to get acquainted with a new comrade, Arseny Sedov, whom he decides to win over to his side. He is sure that he will agree, because after talking with him, he managed to learn a lot of new and interesting information. But what it all leads to is incomprehensible, so you have to believe only in success. The most interesting thing is that the protagonist of the historical film “The Ranger of the Lighthouse” does not even suspect what secrets Arseny hides and who he really is. What will happen next and what is the end of this story?

Trailer | Premiere 12 June

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A country: Russia

2019 Beacon Ranger - Information series and release date:

Director: Pavel Drozdov
Screenwriters: George (Egor) Golovenkin, Ramil Yamaleev
Operator: Mikhail Selikhov
Composer: Sergey Dudakov
Artist: Alexey Chernov
Producers: Janik Fayziev, Rafael Minasbekyan, Sergey Bagirov, Stanislav Chepaev, Olga Avdeeva, Denis Los

Actors: Egor Beroev, Maxim Drozd, Ekaterina Vanchugova, Victor Terelya, Alexandra Bogdanova, Igor Khripunov, Vasily Mishchenko, Konstantin Snegov, Igor Klimov, Konstantin Adayev, Igor Lebedev, Alexander Volzhensky, Dmitry Kharatyan, Roman Pylaev, Mikhail Sopov

Production: "GPM KIT" together with the Studio "KIT" and "Teleostrov Company" on the order of NTV
Premiere: 12 Jun 2019 (NTV)
Series: 12
Genre: Detectives, historical seriesspy movies

The official instagram of the actor Egor Beroev (Egor Beroev) / Photo - Video

Images from the series “Lighthouse Ranger” 2019 NTV Russia | Photos of actors


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