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Sniper Series (2018) watch online free crime

Smotret serial snaypersha 2018 4 serii online besplatno

Ukrainian TV series “Sniper” 2018 Crime / Action / Drama 

Гlove heroine criminal piquant series “Sniper online” 2018 incredibly beautiful and attractive girl named Vera. She can seduce almost any man without any particular problems. During her life, she learned to do so a considerable number of times and therefore does not even worry about the fact that something can go wrong. As a result, the girl will always do it, because she sees nothing wrong with doing so with men.

She sticks to the insensitive expression: “nothing personal is business”! For her, the main thing in life is to achieve only the greatest heights, because there is simply no other option. Each time she can safely take such a risk and how many girls after that have nothing to regret, because of which the heroine the film and got the nickname "sniper". This helped to save her life more than once, because even in such situations she managed to get out of all sorts of troubles. But suddenly something happens that dramatically changes her whole life.

Experienced beauty "sniper" Vera receives one of the next tasks (goal) from her serious curator - urgently seduce a businessman from abroad and persuade him to commit a fraudulent transaction. But there is an emergency problem, she was pregnant. For a girl, this is naturally unexpected news and she does not even know how her life can change. She is not going to have an abortion under any circumstances, so the heartbreaker will have to leave her usual “business” forever. Vera has become as if invisible and she sees nothing good in this. What will happen next and how will she get out of a difficult situation?

Watch the serial film "Sniper" 2018 all series in a row 1-4 online for free Channel STB Ukraine


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A country: Ukraine, Lithuania

Director: Alexander Salnikov
Screenwriters: Ivan Shishman, Tatiana Gnedash
Operator: Sergey Krutko
Composer: Alexey Petrozhitsky
Artist: Maria Chupaylenko
Producer: Sasha Tkachenko

Actors: Victoria Litvinenko, Olga Lukyanenko, Oksana Stashenko, Richard Lepers, Lilia Rebrik, Konstantin Oktyabrsky, Stanislav Florentsev, Boris Knizhenko, Yuri Lakhin, Alexander Sokolov (VI), Anton Mukharsky, Diana Gordaya, Leonid Zakharchenko
Premiere: December 22 2017 (STB, Ukraine), March 12 2018 (Baltic Channel 1, Latvia)
Series: 4
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime movie

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